Every cat-owner knows the horror of realizing you can’t find your furbaby anywhere. For New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman, however, this game of hide and seek is a shared tradition between her and her cat, Pierogi.

It all started back in early October, when Grace and Pierogi moved into a new apartment, and the curious kitty decided to explore every possible space she could occupy. In the process, she realized that she could easily hide from her owner in a plethora of locations, and began to try a new one out each day. Grace just couldn’t resist letting all of her Twitter followers in on the search, and has been posting several new editions of ‘Where’s Pierogi’ per week ever since.

The best part is that Pierogi is such an expert at taking cover, people lose their minds trying to find her – especially when her white fur blends in with the walls. Scroll down and see how long it takes you to find Pierogi in each scene, and let us know which ones you found the hardest!

NY-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman has a cat with a unique talent – making herself invisible

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