There are so many stray animals out there who need homes.

Animal shelters and animal control do the best job they can of rounding up animals who spend their lives scavenging and wandering the streets. They take them to the veterinarian, nurse them back to health, and have volunteers give them love and attention while they wait for their perfect pet parent to come along. But despite these best efforts, some animals unfortunately are still resigned to wandering around without a home.

When one man went out walking one night, he never could have predicted how his life would change, all because a tiny kitten decided to follow him home.

Connor Manning was minding his own business when a street cat approached him looking for some love.

He took some pictures and posted them to Twitter, saying the kitty was “the most affectionate street cat.”

After getting some pats on the head, the stray began following him all the way back to his house.

The curious feline even wandered inside the house, poking its head in every nook and cranny.

Manning named the cutie Socks, and they hung out on his porch for awhile just enjoying each other’s company.

Manning live-tweeted the whole journey, captioning this photo, “We’re in love.”

She didn’t really want to hang out inside for long, especially when faced with a giant wind monster.

He didn’t have cat food, but he put out some bread and water for Socks to munch on.

“She’s a model,” he wrote.

Manning was sad he didn’t have cat food, but he made her a little bed in case she wanted to sleep on the porch that night. Unfortunately, when he woke up Socks was gone.

But Socks came back! “I’m gonna buy her food and flea medicine tomorrow and start researching cat things because I have no idea how to cat but she loves me,” he tweeted, excitedly.

Manning is allergic to cats, but that didn’t stop him from curling up with his new friend. He named her Socks Desiree Manning, a play on the title “A Street Car Named Desire.” This was a street cat named Desiree.

They went to the vet to find out if Socks had a microchip and another family and to get generally checked out.

It turned out she didn’t have a microchip, and she was about six months old. He decided to keep her, but then there were some complications…

Manning’s allergy to cats became unbearable, and his reactions were severe. He thought he was going to have to find her a new home entirely.

As of his last update, however, it seems things have turned around completely. He was able to manage his allergies, and now Socks has a loving forever home! Awww!

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