One of the things that’s nice about having cameras on our phones is the ability to document our lives.

It’s easier than ever to capture special moments in life, especially those animal pics. When I first rescued my cat, she had just had surgery. She was on all kinds of medications, and when I look back at pictures, I’m always amazed at how different she looks from the bright and vibrant kitty I see today.

Imgur user CaliCatLady101 rescued a tiny, tiny kitten, and the difference between when he first arrived and now is incredible. Here’s their story.

The kitten, who she named Ollie, had been totally abandoned at just one day old but was otherwise hydrated and healthy.

The easiest way to get Ollie to eat was to wrap him up in a blanket and place him close to her heart.

Her friend said he looked like an “alien rat,” but he wasn’t going to stay that way for long…

Ollie opened his eyes for the first time, still small enough to fit in the palms of her hands. Since Ollie had made it to two weeks old, vets said he was likely to survive and live a happy life.

Even though Ollie was starting to become independent, he still loved to sit in his warm spot, even when his rescuer was trying to study.

But he had also discovered that roaming the house was fun, too. Look at those eyes!

Ollie even got to meet a new rescue kitten named Ryder, who stayed with them for eight weeks before heading off to his forever home.

Now, Ollie is three months old. The original plan was to raise him until he was able to be adopted, but CaliCatLady decided she couldn’t live without him and now he’s part of the family.

This is truly a happy ending. If you want to check out more of the story (and more pictures of Ollie), take a look at her Imgur post here.

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