Cats are complicated creatures. One minute they can’t stand the sight of you, the next, they won’t leave your side. But despite their confusing nature, we love them. Unless you’re a dog person, in which case you’ll probably hate them no matter what they do.

When they’re not sharpening their claws on your expensive furniture, cats can be quite pleasant animals who love nothing more than a snuggle on the couch. But, let’s be honest, most of the time they are total jerks who only love you for your food. However, be prepared for all the preconceptions that you had about our furry friends to evaporate when you see how this house cat reacted when his owners became involved in a “physical altercation”. Normally, dogs are considered the protective creatures, with larger breeds being adopted as guard animals for centuries. Cats have always been considered the more docile of the pair, and thus celebrated as if they’re royalty. So with that in mind, it would appear that this cat has some dog in him… The footage captures the moment a husband begins to “attack” his wife. As he begins to inflict “harm”, the wife screams out and cries for help. However, it is just the two of them in the house and her pleas for help are futile. Or, are they? In a flash of fur, the family cat bounds into the frame with the husband in his sight. Claws bared, the cat begins to launch an attack of his own against the assailant. The husband tries to brush the furious feline away, but his attempts are fruitless as the cat is bites back. The home video clip would make for haunting viewing, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is set-up. The husband and wife work together to fake a fight, in order to provoke the cat into action. Clearly loving of his owner, the cat plays his part of the furry hero pefectly! Using a combination of claws and teeth, the cat fights the attacker like a real life Puss In Boots. Evidently not phased by the vicious animal that he has just triggered, the husband simply brushes him away as he continues with his “abuse”. But, the cat isn’t easily deterred. Each time the cat begins to calm down, the husband lays his hands on his wife again, further stirring the guard cat. So, nobody can have any pity for him when the cat begins to become quite savage. It is safe to say that he asked for it. The clip shows how loyal our pets can be, but also how easily you can lose their trust. If you value your life, don’t stir your pet into a frenzy as next time you walk through the front door you could find that you are no longer the master of the house. The video also helps staunch dog lovers to see that cats aren’t all that bad. Unfortunately, one brief encounter with any cat will revert them to their original feelings. But, nice try cats, this type of propaganda may make you loved by all one day. Until then, we will always dislike you for things such as this:

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