I’m a cat mom, and yes, I know I do some things that most non-cat owners would think are totally bizarre. I do it out of love, and if they had a cat, they would understand. Cat people just . We know we can’t help turning into that embarrassing mom when we see our adorable feline companion walk into the room. We immediately melt and want to go snuggle up with them on the couch. There are just some weird things cat owners do that no one else truly understands.

To us, these weird things are habit. Sure, they may sound a little strange, but we just can’t help ourselves. We’re too enamored by the cuteness that something just takes over. I mean, there is a reason why cats are so internet famous. They’re cute AF. We’ve all gone down the rabbit hole of watching a ridiculous amount of cat YouTube videos at work.

There’s something about our feline friends that makes us all turn into complete weirdos, but as cat moms, we embrace it. Don’t be embarrassed by the things you do when you’re spending time with your cat. Just know, we’ve all been there. There’s no shame in having done these eight borderline bizarre things to show how much you love your baby.

1. Changed The Lyrics To Songs So They Fit Your Cat’s Name


We all want to sing to our cats, right? We might not find the perfect song to sing… . We alter the lyrics of songs so they work. If your cat is named Dude, you might sing “Hey Dude” instead of “Hey Jude.” Or, instead of “’Cause I’m your lady,” you pretend you’re Celine Dion and sing “’Cause my lady!”

2. Sacrificed Your Bed Space So They Can Spread Out

Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy

I’ve woken up in really uncomfortable positions on the bed, but haven’t moved because I don’t want to disturb my cat. As cat moms, we all know how cute our babies look all snuggled up. Cats love to sleep. It’s their favorite pastime, so we don’t want to interrupt that. If your cat has decided that the whole bed is now his or her part of the bed, you’ve definitely slept in the tiniest sliver that’s left just to accommodate them.

3. Started An Instagram Account Just For Your Cat

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

You know how much the internet loves cats. You just want to please everyone. That is why you’ve created an epic Instagram account just for your cat. I personally don’t want to spam my friends on my own account with pictures of my cat, so this is a safe space to share away (and be as sappy as possible).

4. Got Caught Trying To Coax Them Out Of A Hiding Place Way Longer Than You Should


We’ve all been there. We’re trying to get our cats out from hiding under the bed, so we can take them to the vet. It takes forever, but you have the patience of a saint when it comes to your cat. If a stranger walked in, they would see an adult lying on the floor, gently talking to their cat for what feels like hours. To you, that’s normal.

5. You’ve Been Totally OK With Having Scratches On Your Body

Your cat loves you, but we all know sometimes they scratch. You’re totally cool with the “love” scratches, though. You understand sometimes it’s a mistake. If I had claws, I would probably accidentally hurt the ones I love, too.

6. You Let Your Cat Just Sit Wherever They Want

On your computer, on your chest, on your feet, or even on your head. You’re totally cool with allowing your cat to sit wherever. You don’t want to disturb them if they’ve found a comfortable position. So what if their butt is super close to your face? You’ll live. Just as long as they’re comfortable, you’re happy.

7. Dressed Up Your Cat For The Holidays

Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy

I don’t get why it’s totally normal for dogs to wear sweaters, but if a cat wears one, you’ve gone far as an owner. Cats should be able to wear sweaters, too… especially for Christmas. Bring on the Halloween costumes while we’re at it. We love dressing our cats up for our favorite holidays.

8. Dancing Like No One’s Watching


Once our cat allows us to pick them up, we immediately start dancing around. Dancing while singing “The Circle Of Life” is even better. No one really knows what the lyrics are, but we make them up. And you know we’ve all held our cats up like they’re Simba and we’re Rafiki. If you haven’t done this with your cat yet, you must have amazing self-control.

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