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Image: petsafe

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Getting stuck at work sucks. But getting stuck at work when you’re a pet owner is even worse: not only are you missing dinner, but you have to imagine your hungry little pal waiting for you at home.

While we can’t do anything about your annoying boss who keeps making last-minute demands, we can help make sure your pupper or cat-friend never misses a meal. 

The PetSafe automatic dog and cat feeder lets you feed your furry friend from anywhere using your smartphone. 

The feeder holds 24 cups of food and can either be set to give your pet a certain amount of food at a set time—or activated when you need to via your smart phone. And, if you’ve got one of those dogs who eats like a maniac and sometimes makes himself sick, there’s even a setting that can disburse food slowly. 

It works with dry or semi-moist pet food and is easy to clean: most of it just pops right into the dishwasher.

Right now, the PetSafe feeder is available for just $199.99, but they’re selling fast.

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