Why should babies get all the attention? Well, cat-loving friends, your time to shine has finally arrived. The age of cat maternity shoots is alive and kicking. 

Lucy Schultz and her partnerSteven from Denver, Colorado, celebrated their new arrival—an adopted rescue kitten—in the most sweet, if not highly odd, way imaginable. They announced their bundle of joy through a maternity photo shoot, featuring a, uuuh, simulated cat birth. 

Schultz, who works as a photographer by day, posted a new life event on Facebook on Saturday along with the highly extra photos from the maternity shoot. Since then, Schultz’s post has gone viral, gaining over 70K shares and 37K comments. 

“On 1/10/18 we welcome our first baby kitten, a neutered male DLH. He is 22″ long and weighed 6 points 7 oz,” wrote Schultz. She added that the new addition to the family is “already eating solid food” but that a name was yet to be decided upon. 

Several of the photos show Schultz pretending to give birth to the kitten—a detail that’s propelled her to viral internet fame as “the lady who gave birth to a cat.” 

“I can’t believe, and also can believe that I’m gonna be known as the lady who gave birth to a cat,” Schultz told 9news. Ultimately, though, she says she’s OK with people seeing her as a little “odd.” 

The highly visceral birth shots have garnered much attention. Of course, some commenters expressed confusion. But, the vast majority seem greatly amused by the photos. 

“Cat’s thinking ‘Muh huminz ar stranje,'” wrote one commenter. 

“The cat’s face says it all,” reads another comment. 

“I was just so excited to share that I got to adopt my cat—that’s been my dream,” Schultz continued. 

Asked what she’d like to do with her 15 minutes of fame, Schultz says she hopes others will look at the photos and adopt shelter pets too. 

Awww, welcome to the family, kitty!

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