We know a lot about the foods our dogs aren’t supposed to eat.

I always heard about chocolate being dangerous for dogs, and I had a friend whose pup had his stomach pumped after eating some grapes. It’s a dangerous world out there for our animals, and we’re not always as keen on which foods affect our feline friends. Here’s a primer on what your kitties should stay away from and why.

1. Onions and garlic. In small quantities, such as hidden in a sauce, your kitty will be okay. However, a clove or more can cause digestive upset, and eating some types of onions regularly can cause anemia.

2. Alcohol. Cats may love sticking their paws in our drinks, but just a tablespoon of alcohol can cause liver and brain damage.

3. Chocolate. Just like their canine counterparts, chocolate can severely hurt cats. The compound theobromine, most concentrated in dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate, does a lot of damage to muscles and the heart.

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