Image:  Afton Almaraz / Stringer

Which cat is the top cat? You’re about to find out.

Using the same complex (kind of) algorithm we used for our dog ranking, we have ranked 30 of the world’s most popular cat breeds from thirtieth-best to first-best. 

And the absolute best part? Zero cats will care that we did this — or that we are alive at all.

Of course, if you want to adopt a cat, be sure to check out your local shelter first. The cats there might not be certified by the Cat Fancier’s Association, but we bet you will fancy them anyway.

Now, our ranking:

30. Havana Brown

Image: Shutterstock / Stephen Orsillo

A cat.

29. Tonkinese

Image: Shutterstock / Belle Ciezak

Another fine cat.

28. Ocicat

Image: Shutterstock / Jaroslaw Kurek

Nice whiskers.

27. American Shorthair

Image: Shutterstock / Noko3

Your cat, probably.

26. American Bobtail

Image: Shutterstock / Ievgeniia Miroshnichenko

Floof tail.

25. Chartreux

Image: UIG via Getty Images

Cute cheeks.

24. Singapura

Image: UIG via Getty Images

Very small.

23. RagaMuffin

Image: AFP/Getty Images

Big fluff tail.

22. LaPerm

Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie

Permanent perm.

21. Siamese

Image: Shutterstock / lucicatalin

Meows a ton.

20. Manx

Image: Shutterstock / Robynrg

Very small tail.

19. Burmilla

Image: Erich Schmidt/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Introduced in 1981, it’s a cross between a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese.

18. Balinese

Image: Gerard Lacz/REX/Shutterstock

Can pull off round-frame glasses.

17. Ragdoll

Image: WireImage

Nice blue eyes.

16. Birman

Image: Getty Images

Always in white gloves – very formal.

15. Egyptian Mau

Image: Getty Images

Quite fast.

14. Somali

Image: Shutterstock / Nataliya Kuznetsova

Giant fluffy tail.

13. Turkish Angora

Image: Shutterstock / Anastasia Koro

The rich aunt of cats.

12. Siberian

Image: AFP/Getty Images

A regal cat.

11. Sphynx

Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images

The fuzzy peach of cats.

10. Maine Coon

Image: ullstein bild via Getty Images

The state cat of Maine.

9. Norwegian Forest Cat

Image: Getty Images

A masterpiece.

8. American Curl

Image: Shutterstock / Sel_Sanders

Look at those ear tufts!

7. Bengal

Image: Shutterstock / Seregraff

#7, but certainly #1 in the “markings” category.

6. Bombay

Image: Shutterstock / Viktor Sergeevich

Will bring you a lifetime of good luck.

5. Persian

Image: Shutterstock / Piyato

A stunning floof.

4. British Shorthair

Image: AFP/Getty Images

The symmetrical face of a gorgeous model.

3. Japanese Bobtail

Image: Shutterstock / NANCY AYUMI KUNIHIRO

A small tail.

2. Scottish Fold

Image: Anatoly Maltsev/EPA/REX/Shutterstock


1. Exotic Shorthair

Image: Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS

A squish-face angel. The pug of cats. Our ruler.

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