Gimme some paw.
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Pets are seriously like babies that can’t talk yet — they’re crying (or hissing, or barking, or wagging their tail) and you just don’t know what they want. They’ve already been fed, have already gone to the bathroom, so what gives?

Until someone invents a human-to-animal translating device, there’s an online course designed to help fill the void in the meantime. The Truth About Cats and Dogs wants to up your communication game with your fur baby.

Just like your psychology class in college, this course aims to take you through the nitty gritty  of behavior, but this time with ethology: the study of non-human animal behavior. 

Dig into how animals talk to each other, how they solve problems, how they try to communicate stress to us, and how we can try to translate it (your cat’s purring or your dog’s yawning may mean more than you think.) Finally, you’ll receive a huge variety of tips on how to improve your relationship with your pet, spice up their domestic environment, and how to care for them at all stages of life. 

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